Propane Delivery Units

Standard specifications may include:

  • Open deck
  • 3” Fisher internal valve
  • Blackmer 3” flange mounted pump
  • Blackmer 1.25” automatic by-pass
  • Liquid Controls meter, ATC and print register
  • Hannay electric hose reel with FH-3 hose roller
  • 100’ x 1” liquid hose with quick acting Rego valve
  • Rochester magnetel float gauge
  • 2” spray fill with 3.25” acme
  • Remote controls to rear deck
  • Meter calibration
  • Emergency remote shut-off system
  • Complete plumbing package, tested for pumping capacity and leaks

Optional specifications may include:

  • Modular deck and fenders
  • Steel or aluminum locking toolbox
  • 2” self-loading
  • Hose end swivel
  • Air control systems
  • Brake interlock systems
  • Electronics for metering
  • Aluminum meter covers
  • Motor fuel tanks
  • DIS inspection for units sold in California
  • Custom painting and lettering

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