Petroleum Delivery Units

Standard specifications may include:

  • Semi-rectangular or oval shaped tank
  • Double or single bulkhead construction
  • Spring loaded mounting with full-length sills or bolster mount with rubber pads
  • Compartment lines with 3” internal valves and 3” piping to curbside, streetside or rear
  • Overturn rails full length, extruded
  • Two overturn drains with tubes running externally down front head
  • Fill opening 16” with 10” fills
  • Low profile 4 barrel boot at rear with hinged gate
  • Rear cabinet to accommodate installation of dual metering equipment with access out, side doors for both meter and reel. Hose door each side.
  • Side cabinets for meters and reels, with or without doors
  • Fenders heavy gauged, polished aluminum
  • Bumper steel wrapped or heavy-duty rectangular box bumper at rear
  • Hose tubes
  • Lights all vapor proof
  • Natural aluminum finish or steel painted finish

Optional specifications may include:

  • Rear or side delivery with or without bottom loading and vapor recovery
  • Dual or single pumping
  • Pre-piping for future bottom loading vapor
  • Air-operated internal valves
  • Open grating for equipment cabinets and barrel boot
  • Vapor proof light for equipment cabinets
  • Compartment markers in each compartment
  • Tommy lift gate
  • Suction to rear 4 barrel boot
  • Gauge stick holder
  • 4” aluminum or steel compartment lines with air or cable internals
  • Aluminum fitting cabinet

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