To reduce your overall costs, consider a tank/truck switchover and refurbishing for your older delivery units that are no longer operating efficiently. Take a look at the unit shown below. The tank was built new in 1990 and mounted on a 1990 Ford LN8000 truck. With a switchover and refurbishing workócosting far less than a new unitóthe delivery unit is now back on the road and operating at a whole new level of efficiency.

Does your delivery unit have a noisy pump, an inaccurate meter, a leaky hose reel, a worn out delivery hose, or a leaky nozzle? We can repair it. Perhaps your unit has a failed PTO or drive line. We can repair that, too. Whether your delivery unit has a problem with its pumping, metering, or piping system, our expert mechanics will make repairs and help you extend the lifetime of your investment. DOT Registered Shop, #CT-7549 ASME "R" Stamp, #2483