Financing Options
Whether you are thinking about buying or leasing a petroleum or propane delivery unit, our financial specialists are trained to help you weigh the costs and benefits of each option.


When capital is available to invest in a new delivery unit, buying makes sense. First, decide how much you want to put down; then, we will help you finance the balance. Pacific Truck Tank offers flexible financing options to help you acquire the petroleum or propane delivery unit specific to your needs.


Flexible lease options are a perfect solution if you are short on cash but need a new delivery unit to service your customers. We offer a four-, five-, or six-year lease option, as well as a seasonal option. Another benefit of leasing a delivery unit: lease expenses are typically tax deductible. At the end of your lease program, you will have the option to purchase the delivery unit or trade it in for a new, more efficient unit.


Give us a call to talk about what’s right for you.